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Timothy Murray, also known by Boomer, focuses on driving maximum value and a positive
experience for buyers and sellers through superior experiences, service and the delivery of
client-based results. Having been brought up in a real estate household, and having personally
been engaged in numerous agricultural transactions as a principle, he knows and understands
first-hand the importance of a transaction well done, which leads him to have an attention to
details and provide his clients a perfected transactional process. He understands the vital
impact agriculture has in our lives and businesses and brings a diverse set of experience to any
buyer or seller’s desired goals and outcomes on agricultural transactions. Having a passion for
creating lasting and meaningful relationships with empathy and respect, while maintaining a
drive to solve complex real estate challenges, Boomer helps growers, and investors alike at
every step with their agricultural real estate transactions.

As an active Tulare County grower in multiple irrigation districts, he offers a global perspective
with respect for regional nuance. His career provides him with first hand experience in some of
the largest and most recognizable financial institutions and technology companies in the world,
building teams & scalable partnerships, however he is just at home within the citrus groves he
operates. He sits on the Board of Directors for Sunkist Growers, Inc. and Fruit Growers Supply,
and the Board of Directors for California Citrus Mutual and Chairs the Government Relations